About Me

I have been passionate about video games since I first played Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment Systems when I was eight and I have been fascinated by programming since I taught myself to program in BASIC when I was thirteen. In 2011 I decided I was better at making games than anything else, and that it was time to turn my hobby into a profession.

Attending the Guildhall has been an amazing and rewarding experience because it has given me the chance to work with passionate people on teams both large and small. Nothing excites me as much as sharing ideas with a group and working together to find solutions to difficult problems. I graduate in May with a Master’s Degree in Interactive Technology with a focus on Software Engineering.

What I love most about creating games is building and exploring worlds. Games deepen our understanding of the real world and they allow us to explore unseen universes with rules nothing like our own. Sometimes these worlds are simple yet fascinating like Tetris, and sometimes they are endless and immersive like Minecraft. But no matter how big or small they give us a glimpse of a farther horizon.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to download my resume here.